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 1. Full Name:  Professor (Dr) RAVINDRA KUMAR SHARMA

 2. Designation: Professor (Electronics and Communication Engineering) and Principal, Ambedkar Institute of Advanced Communication Technologies and Research, Delhi

 3. Department: Electronics and Communication Engineering

  4. Email id: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


5. Qualification: 





Main Subjects





Electronics Engineering

IERT, Allahabad, India





Electronics and Communication Engineering

The Institution of Engineers(India)





Control and Inst.

University of Allahabad (MLN NIT Allahabad)





Electronics and Communication

Univ. of Delhi, Delhi (India)


 6. Professional Experience: 



Place of Work

Post held



IERT Allahabad

Asst Lecturer

Feb1985 to Dec-1996


Govt Girls Polytechnic, Jhansi, UP, India

Lecturer (ECE**)



Ambedkar Polytechnic


Dec1997 to Jun2001


NSIT$ (University of Delhi) New Delhi, India

(On deputation)

Lecturer (ECE*)



AIT# Delhi

(in diverted capacity)




AIACT&R#,(GGSIP University) Delhi

Asstt. Prof. (ECE*)




Assoc. Prof (ECE*)




Professor (ECE*)





Since 18th December, 2018

*ECE:- Electronics and Communication Engineering

$NSIT:- Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India

#AIACT&R:- Ambedkar Institute of Advanced Communication Technologies and Research, Delhi

         Formerly, Ambedkar Institute of Technology (AIT).


Research Publications

International Journal Publications:

1. Amiyajeet Pradhan and R K Sharma, ‘Generation of OTRA-Based Inverse All Pass and Inverse
BandReject Filters’ Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India Section A: Physical
Sciences March 2019,
2. C. S. Vinitha and R. K. Sharma, ‘An Efficient LUT Design on FPGA for memory-based
multiplication’ Iranian Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IJEEE), ISSN:1735-
2827, Online March 2019 (In press).
3. C. S. Vinitha and R. K. Sharma, ‘New approach to low-area, low-latency memory-based systolic
architecture for FIR filters’ Journal of Information & Optimization Sciences, Taylor and Francis
March 2019, DOI : 10.1080/02522667.2019.1578087
4. Pushkar Srivastava, Ravindra K. Sharma & Rajeev K. Ranjan, ‘On the realisation of current-mode
four-quadrant CMOS cuber’, biquads’Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing (USA),
online since 16th August, 2018; DOI: 10.1007/s10470-018-1291-5 (Print ISSN: 0925-1030; Online
ISSN: 1573-1979)
5. Pushkar Srivastava and R K Sharma, ‘A Novel exponential approximation with ±0.21dB error for
realizing an improved CMOS exponential function generator’ Circuits, Systems and Signal
Processing (USA). Vol. 36, No.7, pp 2941–2957, March 2017 DOI: 10.1007/s00034-016-0451-z.
(ISSN: 1531-5878)
6. T. S. Arora, R. K. Sharma, ‘An All-Mode KHN Equivalent Biquad Using Third Generation Current
Conveyor and all Grounded Passive Elements’, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,
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7. Ravindra K Sharma, Tajinder Arora, Raj Senani, ‘On the Realisation of Canonic Single-Resistance-
Controlled Oscillators using Third Generation Current conveyors’ IET Circuits, Devices & Systems
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10. R.K. Sharma, R. Senani, D.R. Bhaskar, A.K. Singh and S.S. Gupta,‘Electronically-controllable
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12. P. Kumar, R. Senani, R. K. Sharma and S.S. Gupta, ‘Unified methodology for realizing fullydifferential
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July, 2006. (ISSN: 1109-9445)
13. S. S. Gupta, R. K. Sharma, D.R. Bhaskar and R. Senani, ‘Synthesis of Sinusoidal Oscillators with
explicit-current-output using Current Feedback Op-Amps’ WSEAS Trans. on Electronics (USA), vol.
3, no. 7, pp-385-388July, 2006. (ISSN: 1109-9445)
14. V. K. Singh, R. K. Sharma, A. K. Singh, D. R. Bhaskar and R. Senani,‘Two new canonic single-
CFOA oscillators with single resistor controls’ IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systesm II:
Express Brief(USA), vol. 52, no.12, pp-860-864, December 2005. (ISSN: 1549-7747)
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16. D.R. Bhaskar, A.K. Singh, R.K.Sharma and R.Senani, ‘New OTA-C universal current-mode/
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grounded capacitors’ International Journal of Electronics and Communications, AEUE
(Germany), vol. 57, no. 5, pp-01-308, October2003. (ISSN: 1434-8411)
National Journal Publications (India):
20. T. S. Arora and R. K. Sharma, ‘A Novel Cubic Geneartor Realised by CCIII-Based Four Quadrant
Analog Multiplier and Divider’ Indian Journal of Science and Technology (India), Vol.9(38), pp.1-
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22. Vishal N. Patil and R K Sharma, ‘Novel Inverse Active Filters Employing CFOAs’, International
Journal for Scientific Research & Development| Vol. 3, Issue 07, 2015 paper ID:IJSRDV3I70096
International Conference Publications:
23. Tajinder Singh Arora, R.K. Sharma, ‘CCIII-based Current-Mode SRCOs: A catalogue of some New
realisations’ 2nd- ICPEICES-2018 organised by DTU Delhi, India, Accepted for presentation
24. Amiyajeet Pradhan and R K Sharma, ‘Generalised Fractional-Order Oscillators using OTA’ IEEE 5th
International Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks (SPIN-2018), AMITY Noida,
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IEEE International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computers, Communication, Mechanical and
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26. Amiyajeet Pradhan, K S Subhadhra, Nazia Atique, R K Sharma, S S Gupta, ‘MMCC-based Current-
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978-1-4614-1382-0, 2013).



Administrative Experience:


1. Deputy Superintendent of Exam during 2000-01 at Ambedkar Polytechnic, Shakarpur.
2. Asstt. Warden, Boys Hostel, NSIT, Dwarka, New Delhi during 2001-2004.
3. Academic and Exam-Cell In-charge at AIACT&R during 2005-2007.
4. HOD, ECE Deptt. at AIACT&R during 2007-2008 and 2014-2018.
5. HOD, App. Science and Humanities at AIACT&R during 2008-2011.
6. Chairman, Admission Committee (Masters’ programs) at AIACT&R during 2008-2010.
7. Coordinator, MTech (Signal Processing) at AIACT&R during 2009-2013.
8. Head of Office, at AIACT&R during May-2013 to March-2014.


Other important assignments during 2004-2017 at AIACT&R


1. (MTech/BTech) Curriculum/syllabus development committee (Member)
2. IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) Member
3. Chairman, Anti-ragging committee
4. Member, Students conference papers evaluation committee for award of financial support
5. Academic-Head and In-charge, Examination-Cell, 2005-2007
6. Member Library Committee-2005
7. Superintendent Practical Examination, 2004, AIT Delhi



Reviewer /Member Technical Committee Journals /conferences


1. IEEE Transaction on Instrumentation and Measurement (USA)
2. IEEE Transaction on VLSI Design (USA)
3. Circuits Systems and Signal Processing, Birkhauser (USA)
4. Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing (USA)
5. Indian Journal of Physics
6. IETE Journal of Education
7. IETE Journal of Research
8. Reviewer, 34th Annual Convention of ISTE, 2004 conducted at NSIT, New Delhi.
9. Member Technical Program Committee, Signal Processing and Integrated Networks
(SPIN),2014, AMITY University, Noida, UP


Candidates registered for PhD


1. T. S. Arora registered in Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradoon under Jointsupervision
with Prof Raj Senani (NSIT, New Delhi) as co-supervisor.
Ongoing PhD: (Under sole supervision)
2. Ms C. S. Vinitha registered in GGSIP University Delhi under sole supervision.
3. Three more enrolled this year (2016) at GGSIP University and at IIT (ISM) Dhanbad.
a. Mr Pushkar Srivastava (IIT, ISM Dhanbad)
b. Mr Amit Saxena (GGSIPU Delhi)
c. Ms Subhadra K S (GGSIPU Delhi)

Masters’ (Signal Processing) Dissertation work Supervised (39)


Student: Topic
1. Neha Mishra: “Evaluation of Non-ideal parameters of MMCC and its some new possible
2. Shreejith S Nair*: “Wiener like solution using minimum mean phase square error criterion”
3. Ravi Kumar Tiwari: “An investigation and implementation of fully-differential Gm-C-CMFB
Elliptic Filter”
4. Manjeet Kumar*: “Least Mean Phase Adaptive Algorithm and its application”
5. PriyankaNagpal*: “Colored noise analysis of PLL using SDE”
6. Khushboo: “Feedback biased cascade amplifier in nanoscale CMOS technologies: Some new
7. Lily Kumari: “Realisation of fully differential current-mode third order OTA-C filters using
CMLT technique: Some new applications”
8. Kavita Singh: “Implementation of some new active elements for analog signal processing by
Diamond transistors”
9. VikasYadav*: “Correlated noise analysis of CMOS LC oscillator using SDE”
10. Manju Pant: “Multiplication Mode Current Conveyor: Some New Linear Applications”
11. Patil Vishal Ningappa: “Inverse Active Filters employing CFOAs: Some new Realisations”
12. GaganMinocha: “An investigation on clockless ADC for continuous time Digital Signal
13. BhavikaChandna: “Implementation of Single-Capacitor Active-Feedback Compensation with
Feedforward Stage”
14. Manish Singh Dangi: “Some Investigations on Memristor, Its Modeling and few Chaotic
15. Shikha Sharma: “Implementation of MOS Based Voltage Mode/Current Mode Translinear
16. Prakash Kumar: “Low dropout regulator with self adjusting frequency compensation”
17. Anindita Banerjee: “Some implementations of discrete valued linear phase FIR filters in
cascade form”
18. Apoorva Aggarwal: “An Investigation on System Identification with Coprime Sensing”
19. Sumedha Gupta: “An Investigation on Mixed-Signal Integrator with Exemplary Applications”
20. Shelly Vishwakarma: “An Investigation on Distortion Modelling of Feedback Two-stage
Amplifier with Exemplary Compensation Schemes”
21. Jyotish Patel: “A Critical Investigation on Integrated M-Phase High-Q bandpass Filter”
22. MananJani: “Transconductance Amplifiers for Direct Conversion Receivers: An Investigation
for improvement of Higher Non-Linear Distortions”
23. Pratibha: “An Investigation on Amplifier Settling behaviour with Different Loads”
24. Naveen Kumar: “Some investigation optimal low power complex filters”
25. Manisha: Some investigation on Programmable device array for transistor-level analog
26. Pushkar Srivastava: “An investigation into some classes of CMOS translinear circuits”
27. Vikash Shukla: “An investigation into low-voltage bulk driven CMOS operational amplifier”
28. Manjul Mayank: “An investigation on rail-to-rail class-AB CMOS buffer”
29. Sandeep Kumar Singh: “An investigation on low-power OTA with improved linearity”
30. Nitin: “A case study on some applications of differential voltage current conveyor”
31. Sumit Kumar: “An investigation of frequency compensation techniques for Op-amps”
32. Gaurav Dhiman: “An investigative study on single transistor active filters: what is possible
and what is not”
33. Meenakshi: “An investigation on a wide range level shifter using a modified Wilson current
mirror hybrid buffer”
34. Prateek: “An investigation on Analog filter design using ring oscillator integrators”
35. Anil Kumar: “An investigative study on class of Low drop out regulator”
36. Rahul Kumar: “An Investigation into some Classes of Miller Compensation for three-stage
37. Kamal Kumar Gaur: “CMOS Current Amplifier: An investigation and some applications”
38. Nazia Atique: “Realization of Sinusoidal voltage-controlled oscillator using Multiplicationmode
current conveyor”
39. Aksha Joy: “Filter and Register Minimization in DSP Filters”

Invited Expert Lectures delivered


1. UGC sponsored Short Term Training Program on Signal Procesing in Modern Electrical Systems (9th to
13th December-2013), at Delhi Technological University, Delhi
2. Recent Trends in Electronics Engineering 24th April-2014 at HRCT Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad, UP.
3. “Filter approximation methodologies and realizations” on 25th June, 2014 in ISTE-SRM sponsored STTP
on “Hands on experience in signal processing using MatLAB/Simulink and Their implementation” held
at BPSM Vishwavidyalaya (Govt of Haryana Univ), Sonepat, Haryana.
4. “Analog Filter approximation and realizations” on 21st June, 2014 in 5th Refresher course in
Information & Communication Technology” program conducted by BPSM Vishwavidyalaya (Govt of
Haryana Univ), Sonepat, Haryana


Faculty DevelopmentProgram conducted


1. Principal Coordinator and chief organiser for a Staff Development Program on “Refresher
course in Signal Processing and Communication Engineering with Emphasis on Hands-on-
Lab Exercises” 27th January-2009 to 07th February-2009 sponsored by AICTE, MHRD Govt of





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