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Student Grievances


  • Student's Grievance Form




Occasionally, a student may encounter an issue or problem on campus that he or she has not been able to resolve. AIACTR, Delhi has a formal grievance process that students may initiate by submitting this official Student Grievance Form. Please complete all information requested so your grievance can be processed.

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Student's Grievance Committe Team:

1. Dr. R. K. Sharma

2. Ms. Bharti Nagpal

3. Prof. G. Veda 



SC/ST Grievance Redressal Committee



SC/ST Greivance Redressal Committee

Occasionally,students may face grievances related to reserved catagories. AIACTR, Delhi has a formal grievance redressal committee which when intimidated by the student about the grievance would solve it as soon as possible.

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Internal Complaint Committee



Internal Complaint Committee

A Committee for addressing Gender Sensitization, Prevention & Prohibition of sexual harassment of women employees and students & redressal of grievances in Technical Institutions. 


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Internal Complaint Committe Team:

1. Dr. Richa Bhatia (In-Charge) 

2. Ms. Manju Khari (Member)

3. Mr. Arvind Kumar (Member)

4. Mr. Avinash Kumar (Member)


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