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The Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) is a UK based international organization for electronics, electrical, manufacturing and IT professionals. It provides specifically tailored products, services and qualifications to meet the needs of today's technology industry. The IEE supports knowledge and education that will underpin engineering in the 21st century and represents engineering and IT in its broadest context. It is Europe’s largest professional body for engineering and IT professionals and has over 130,000 members worldwide.
In continuance with their pursuit of excellence in professional education, students of AIACTR have joined the IEE as student members. The AIT IEE Student Chapter has prepared an exhaustive activity calendar for the current year which includes Technical Visits, Guest Lectures, and Technical Events etc. and aims to foster professionalism among members. Two Expert Lectures namely:

  • Audio/Video Compression Techniques delivered by Mr. R.K Singh (Chief Engineer A.I.R.)
  • Introduction to .NET delivered by Mr. Ashwani Sharma (Microsoft Academic Evangelist) have already taken place in the month of January and February of 2005. The students have been actively participating in the talks organized by IEE Delhi International Branch, note worthy of which are:
    • Talk on “Bioinformatics”. The speaker was Dr. Amol Prakash, EE Department, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA
    • Talk on HR Management in IT Industry-TCS’ Best Practices. The speaker was Mr. Daman D. Sood, Consultant, Business Excellence, Tata Consultancy Services, Noida.
    • Technical event with theme “Vision Telecommunication-Trends in development at present and in future”. The key note speakers for the event were:
      • Dr Alfred Robert, CEO IEE on”Role of IEE in R&D, Professional development and Training”.
      • Mr.K.L.Jain, Member Technology, Telecommunication Commission
      • Mr.A K Sinha, CMD BSNL
      • Presidential Address by Prof Dr John O Reilly
      • Mr.N.Mishra, Secretary Telecommunications

The chapter has won laurels for successfully managing the recent visit of IEE President Prof. John O Reilly and CEO Dr. Alfred Roberts to India and the Technical event on” Vision Telecommunication-Trends in development at present and in future”.

The chapter has provided a common meeting ground for likeminded professionals to share knowledge and ideas which will propel research work in technology.



Workshop Organized At AIACTR Campus

Recent Developments in Microstrip Antennas and Planar Circuits. 


  • One day Workshop on Recent Developments in Microstrip Antennas & Planar Circuits on Saturday, February 11th, 2006
  • One day workshop on Working, Implementation, and Design of Embedded Systems on Friday, January 20th, 2006 by PLC Pvt Ltd..
  • One day workshop on Microsoft New Product on 23.02.06 by Appin Knowlede Based Solutions.
  • One day workshop on Latest Developments in the field of IT on Friday, 24th February, 2006.
    • M/s ISKON :- How to reduce Stresses in your body while Preparing for Exam.
    • Career Launcher:- How to Prepare yourself for Interviews
    • TIME :- How to face Group Discussions
    • Infobuzz :- various types of Securities we require in our country
    • NIIT :- Facing test conducted by NIIT on 18-1-09
    • ASPIRE :- What Employer wants from Candidate ?
    • IMS :- How to face Interview

College Fest



Alumini meet of AIACTR is conducted every year in the month of April along with the College Fest. 

It has been conducted for the past two years. Alumini’s are in contact with T & P Cell and they regularly assist in the Placement of on going batches. They too help in Training which is being conducted during summer vacations for Vth & VIIth Semesters students.

A plan is under way for creating a society of all the faculties, students and the alumini for an all around interaction and benefit.

Alumini after college , beginning to a new culture new environment never forget the time where he/she forms the basis for his/her future carrier same “The students of the AIACTR after graduation always remain in good contact with the college authorities to serve and to take mutual (social )benefit form the college.“

Objectives of the Alumini Society:-

  • To secure the intimate contact amongst the Alumini,past,present students & the staff.
  • To produce & support educational activities & programs for the benefits of the alumini.
  • To maintain a permanent record of the alumini.
  • To undertake mutually beneficial activities.
  • To promote the social & cultural activities & conduct activities which are of the interest to the alumini such as a fund raising , publication of the periodicals, magzine or bulletin.
  • To promote the cause of Technical education and /or to advice & represent on professional bodies, industries, educational institutions & Government Bodies.
  • To create greater support between AIACTR & Industries.
  • To provide an interface among the student of AIACTR .

Alumini forum : An alumini forum is acting in the college for maintaining the above goals in order to take care of the above objectives..

The society can be addressed on the following links..

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