Ambedkar Institute of Advanced Communication Technologies & Research

Online Air Ticket Reservation System

Objectives of the project

  • Online air ticketing saves time by reducing the time involved in the physical transportation of the customer to the reservation counter; online air ticketing process saves time in absolute terms.
  • It enables the customer to purchase tickets from the remote areas, thereby increasing the customer-centricity of the services provided.
  • With a segment of customers opting for the online facilities, the pressure at the reservation counter is substantially reduced.
  • Reduction in the pressure at the reservation counter creates scope to curtail the number of employees at the reservation counters, contributing in cost-cut to the company.
  • With faster, easier and hassle-free services to the customer, the company is poised for a better competitive advantage in face of the oligopolistic structure.
  • Online portal can be used to ascertain any particular facilities that the customer might be looking forward to during the journey.
  • The portal can also be used to inform the prospective customers about the future economy option and other benefits that the company would have planned; thereby, enabling the customer to plan in advance.
  • With the induction of the cash on delivery system, the customer can easily be delivered with his/her air-tickets while being at home


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