NSUT EAST CAMPUS (Formerly Ambedkar Institute of Advanced Communication Technologies & Research )

 Full Name: Dr. ASHOK MITTAL

 Designation: Professor

 Department: ECE

 Qualification: M.Tech. (Microwave Electronics) from University of Delhi and Ph.D. from Faculty of Technology, Delhi College of Engineering, University of Delhi.

Teaching and Industrial Experience: 24 years


In addition to the hands on experience, the publication at various National and International Levels includes various renowned Journals of IEEE, European Microwave Conference, International Journal of Electronics, International Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves, International Journal of Microwave and Optical Technology. (Total--- 34)

  • International Conferences -- 11
  • International Journals -- 09 
  • National Conferences -- 14

Awards & Conferences

  • Received NRDC Invention Award on the Technology Day, 11th May 2000 for the Development of Three Channel Monopulse Receiver at Ka-Band (Millimeter Waves) for Trishul Missile Gathering Receiver (IGMDP- TRISHUL). Award presented by Hon’ble Minister for Science and Technology and HRD. Govt. of India.
  • Awarded IETE IRS award (International Radar Symposium) in the year 1998-99 for out standing contributions in the field of Radars and Microwave Systems at International Radar Symposium 1999 held at Bangalore.
  • Attended 24th International Conference on Infrared and Millimeter Waves held at Monterey, California, U.S.A. in Sept., 1999 and presented two papers.
  • DSIR National R&D Award for BEL in 2003
  • Attended IMAPS International Conference on Ceramic Inter-connect Technology at Denver, U.S.A in April 2003
  • Best Counselor Award for IEEE-AIT Student chapter by IEEE-Delhi Section in 2011 

Employment Profile


Presently working as Professor and Head, Dept of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Delhi – 110 031, (Affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi. India)


  • Teaching to M.Tech. & B.Tech. Students
  • Guidance for Research and Development for M.Tech. & Ph.D. Students
  • Corporate and Industrial Research Projects


At Senior Level Management at Bharat Electronics Ltd. as Member (Senior Research Staff), Senior Deputy General Manager

Headed Three Groups with Twenty Five Staff Members (all M.Techs. from IIT’s and REC’s -- the premier engineering Institutions)

  • System Integration Group (Combat Management Systems-CMS-SNF, P-17 and P-28).
  • Independent Verification and Validation Group (I V & V).
  • Microwave Group.

System Integration for Combat Management Systems for Indian Navy includes five C4I System.

IV & V Group is for the verification and validation of CSCI’s developed in-house with IEEE12207 standards as per the SyRS of Indian Navy.

Head, Microwave Technology Group

Projects Undertaken

  1. RF Module for Airborne Radio for Network Centric Warfare System for Indian Air Force (Cognitive Radio)
  2. Customized RFU’s (Super Component) for EW Applications
  3. RF Front ends (Super Component) for EW Systems.
  4. Phase Shifters and Integrated Antenna for Medium Power Radar (MPR)
  5. 60 W T/R Modules for Radar Applications.
  6. 1.2 KW T/R module for Medium Power Radars
  7. Networked RFT’s with Redundancy Control Unit for Ku- Band Satcom Systems
  8. RF Trans-receivers at Ku Band for VSAT Satcom Systems
  9. Radio Frequency Unit (RFU)/ Switched Filter Assembly (SFA) for Electronics Warfare (EW) for Indian Air Force, IL-76 Aircraft
  10. Frequency Synthesizers and VCO’s for Radio Relay Systems, Digital Static Tropo Comm. Systems
  11. Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) Fine Tune Module for TRS Radar.
  12. RF Trans-receivers
  13. Super Components for Microwave and Millimeter Wave Applications.
  14. Active and Passive Antennas
  15. Microwave and Millimeter Wave Components using Hybrid Multi Chip Modular and MIC Technology.

As Scientist at DRDO

In the Capacity of Scientist, worked on the development of various Millimeter Wave Systems, sub-systems and Components using Hybrid MIC Technology and Hybrid Modular MCM Technology (MMIC Multi Chip Modular Technology)

Headed Two Major Projects
1. MIC version of Three Channel Monopulse Receiver at Ka Band
(IGMDP- TRISHUL) -- As Project Leader
2. MIC/MMIC Trans Receivers at Millimeter Wave Frequencies.
                             -- As Project Manager

In the capacity of Project Leader / Project Manager the work included Project Planning, Design & Development of Systems, Quality aspects of the products and Financial Management.


  • 3 Channel Monopulse Receiver (Two stage down converter with 1st stage in put at Ka-Band and second Stage at X-Band and with VCO for AFC, Final IF output is 30 MHz for TRISHUL missile gathering System)
  • Dual Guidance Receiver for Multiple missile Tracking for TRISHUL missile gathering System
  • Top Attack Smart Ammunition Sensors.
  • Millimeter Wave Radio for Communications,
  • Helmet Mounted Millimeter Wave Radio.
  • Hybrid MIC Trans-receivers for Millimeter Wave Application
  • Sector Switching Antennas for Omni-coverage.
  • The Components developed include mixers, PIN Diode Modulators for ASK Millimeter Wave Radio and PIN Diodes SPST and SPDT switches for various projects.
  • Developed the procedures and techniques for Automated Network Measurements for microwave and Millimeters Wave Systems and Sub Systems for ensuring quality products. And implementation of ISO 9000, preparing of documents for automated Test & Measurements
  • Had the privilege of setting up the MIC facility at IIT Delhi and DEAL, DRDO for the development of components and sub-systems at Millimeter Wave frequencies.
  • Technical Coordinator of the MMIC Design Center for the development of MMIC Components, to be developed by GAETEC, Hyderabad.
  • Member of the PARC for the development of Bulk Window SPST Switch at W-Band.

As Senior Scientific Officer II at Center for Applied Research in Electronics, IIT, New Delhi

Achievements (as Group Member)

  • Developed Dual Mode Reciprocal Ferrite Phase Shifters with Integrated Driver at C Band, which is used in multi-function phased array Radar System 'Rajendra' for "AKASH" missile – A WLR, Weapon Location Radar
  • Development of Dual Mode Reciprocal Ferrite Phase Shifters with Integrated Driver at X Band, which is used in multi-function phased array Battery Level Radar (BLR) System for missile applications.
  • Development of Matched Elements at C-Band for "AKASH" missile


Worked on the Installation, Demonstration and after Sales Service of the products of the following companies

  • Rohde & Schwarz (West Germany)
  • JEOL (Japan)
  • Shimadzu (Japan) 



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